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Building Whitelabel Apps at Scale

Droidcon London - 28/10/2021


This session is a story of how I scaled our whitelabel e-commerce app to be built and deployed automatically as a no-code solution.

We will see how product flavors can be a powerful tool for Android engineers to fully customise an app’s look and feel. However, there are challenges in having a growing number of flavors. There’s an impact on build speeds, feature development and test coverage.

The talk will cover how Android’s build system and Gradle can help us in automating product flavors management and manage which build flavor & build type Android studio is working on.

We will also discuss why unit tests are not enough to guarantee that an app will behave the same for different clients then we will go through how snapshot testing and Espresso helped us detect undesired behavioural changes.

Finally, we will cover the importance of having a solid feature flagging strategy to avoid breaking between flavors.