About Amr Yousef

Amr Yousef is a Software Engineer based in the UK. He specialises in building native and cross-platform mobile applications.

As a mobile applications developer, Amr helps build and maintain different types of mobile applications. Some of his recent experience includes:

  • Building the Shell Energy UK Android app from the ground-up
  • Being part of the core team building the Sainsburys’ groceries Android app
  • Maintain Hudl’s replay video-based iOS app
  • Develop the American Express Android app
  • Launch RewardDays, a React Native based mobile app for affiliate marketing
  • Help build and launch multiple e-commerce based Android applications including BeeInspired, MotelRocks and RouteOne

Amr has BEng in Software engineering from Coventry University and an MSc in Computer Science from Loughborough University.

What can Amr do for you?

Help you design, build and launch your mobile app idea whether it’s a native Android app or a hybrid app with Flutter or React Native

  • Maintain and update your existing mobile app
  • Be part of your mobile development team, help where needed and share knowledge
  • Discuss strategies for your app idea and help you identify the best tools for the job

Why contact Amr?

Apps are an easy and convenient way for companies and brands to engage their customers.

You probably have 10+ apps on your phone right now, for your favourite shopping brand, banking institutions, utility companies and more.

Whether you are creating an application from scratch or have an existing application published, you’ll need someone with extensive experience working on it. Amr develops native Android apps with Kotlin & Jetpack Compose. He also enjoys working on iOS & SwiftUI projects, React Native and Flutter projects.

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